Various Skin Care Methods

When you hear the term skin care, your first thought might be lotions or other topical creams meant to moisturize your skin. For many others, it means anything from reducing wrinkles and unwanted hair to unsightly pigmentations and acne. With those types of issues, skin care can be far more complex, requiring more aggressive procedures than just a lotion. There are a variety of methods to take care of the skin. Don’t choose just any treatment, but rather select the best one to suit your particular needs.

Revealing Healthier Looking Skin Through Exfoliation

The surface of our skin is actually composed of dead skin cells, which can leave our skin looking old and dry. There are procedures that remove this damaged layer to uncover the healthy skin hiding beneath it. One such treatment is through a chemical peel, in which a chemical is applied during the procedure. This method has varying strengths, dependent upon what is being treated, and has noticeable results. The drawback is that it takes longer recovery time than most other treatments.

Another type of treatment is microdermabrasion. This procedure utilizes a mechanical device and mini vacuum to exfoliate and remove the dead cells from your skin. It has a much shorter recovery time than chemical peels, but needs to be repeated frequently to maintain the results.

Invasive Surgery as an Alternative

For really skin sagging or deep wrinkles, the best alternative treatment might be surgery. Face lifts can sometimes be the only truly effective way to remove serious skin problems. The recovery time tends to be long, difficult, and painful. There are numerous risks and side effects to concern yourself with as well as how expensive it can be. This option really should be a last resort.

When It’s Time to Consider a Laser Treatment

Before you look at something as invasive as surgery, take a look at what laser treatments have to offer. They aren’t nearly as painful as getting a face lift or take as long a recovery as chemical peels. The procedure can be much more effective than microdermabrasion with far more noticeable results.

Different aesthetic laser devices treat different skin problems, from skin tightening to removing blemishes and tattoos to hair removal and so much more. It generally is easy to find a cosmetic practice in your local area where you can be treated for any or all of your skin issues. Most procedures using a medical laser require a short appointment and little or no down time.

Making a Decision About Your Treatment

There is a lot to consider before selecting which treatment option works best for your skin condition. Don’t make the decision without considering the cost, time needed for recovery, risks and ultimately how effective the procedure will be. Consult with your regular physician to see what option they might recommend to you. Weigh your choices carefully before selecting. You want to make certain that the procedure you choose will give you the result you truly were looking for.

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