Tips & Tricks for Hair Growth – Daily / Routine

Massage & other tips for Hair Growth

Healthy Hair growth requires many things, but one of the most effective things is adding some of the tips and tricks suggested below part of your daily, weekly or monthly routine. Some of these only take a few minutes and help the hair get the much needed exercise or relaxation. You don’t have to do all the suggestions all the time as it will be over doing it, but do find the ones that you are able to do routinely. Follow these practices for 3 – 6 months and you are bound to see results.

Flip your hair upside down for a couple of minutes to stimulate hair follicles.

Simply massage your scalp gently in circular motion with your fingers twice daily for a minute or two to improve circulation and help blood and nutrients reach the hair follicles.
Try using a shampoo scalp massage brush to stimulate hair growth.

Massage the scalp with a prong hair brush daily for about 10 minutes followed by brushing the hair with a natural boar bristle brush from the root to the ends to redistribute the natural oils on the hair and scalp. You can incorporate this hair care regime every night before going to bed.

Trim your hair every six to eight weeks. This helps remove split ends, thereby facilitating healthy hair growth. Split ends do not usually prevent the growth of hair, but they are unattractive and make your hair susceptible to breakage.

Use a clarifying shampoo every few weeks or once in a month to remove scalp buildup. If you use more hair styling products or wash your hair with hard water, then you may have to apply the clarifying shampoo more often, even weekly or two times in a week.

Protect your hair from the sun by wearing a hat and making a braid to avoid sun exposure on the ends.

Avoid chemical and heat treatments such as, hot rollers, straightening irons, curling irons, etc. on your hair.

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