Smoking Makes You Look Old! Stop it now!! Try Vaping & E-Cigarettes

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You might think the consequences of combusting tobacco are hidden away on your insides, but it has a major impact on your outer appearance as well, including your skin and the hair.

Cigarette smoke leads to wrinkles, stretch marks, bags under the eyes, and overall toughening of the skin. Smoking basically kills the elasticity of your skin so you will age at a faster rate. Even worse, you have a higher risk for skin cancer, psoriasis, and warts.

The very best thing you can do for your skin and hair is quit smoking. Preferably, you will quit smoking just using your will power. But I know many have a hard time with this. I personally used vaping to quit my social smoking and am very happy.

The research is very clear that vaping and e cigarettes can reduce your risk of tobacco-related death. In fact, a study at Boston University concluded that vaping is much safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Good luck!

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